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An Email Accessibility Consultant with a love of typography.

Paul Airy aka Beyond the Envelope™ ‘fell into’, and fell in love with email in 2011.

At a time when a lot of ‘all image’ emails were being created, he immediately identified the need to help email designers and developers create more accessible emails using HTML typography. This led to the publication of his ebook, ‘A Type of Email’.

He then went on to consider how the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), could be applied to email, and this has been the focus of his work ever since, with his talk, ‘A Type of Accessibility’, at The Email Design Conference (Litmus Live), London, in 2015, being an landmark moment in his journey.

Since then, he’s delivered workshops and conference talks on accessibility and typography to people across the world, and has been invited to write blog posts, interview on podcasts and speak at events on the same.

In 2023, he relaunched his email, Type E: which continues to help email designers and developers create emails with HTML Typography, and implement WCAG conformant accessibility. This unique email written, designed and developed by Paul, demonstrates in design and code, what it says in its content. In other words, it practices what it preaches!